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ATRON Systems Sweden AB Teknikringen 4C 583 30 Linköping SWEDEN. Tel: +46 (0)13 3900 400. e-mail: info@atron-systems.se Atron: 764,177 ships destroyed and 670,877 ships lost. ATRON thoroughly analyzes the requirements and wishes in operative consulting, adopt the project management and system integration through to professional training after implementation. We focus on extensive technical knowledge, open interfaces and are ready for cooperation if we cannot provide services ourselves. 2020-11-18 This is my favorite fit for faction warfare!

Atron pvp fit

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The first is the standard MWD blaster  5mil to 10mil; T2 frigate- 30 to 45mil depending on fit; Navy Frigate- 15 to 25 If using an atron, you want to get on top of them to apply dps with your blasters. 2020年11月10日 同クラス艦相手のSolo PvPにおいては、問答無用で相手に肉薄して、Blasterの超 高 の高い火力でラッシュを狙うAtronのスタンダードFit。 17 Sep 2017 Jin'talks – The Blaster Atron on the goings on in the political side of New Eden, I like to indulge myself in a bit of Factional Warfare solo PvP. 21 Oct 2020 pvp guide intro all englishpublic:dojo:wiki:tackling. Sidebar This skill expansion will allow you to fit a microwarpdrive, overdrive injection system, [Execution/ Condor/Atron/Vigil] Damage Control I Overdrive Injec 25 Mar 2019 The 200 mm fit wins at zero against a standard FW blaster Atron with no traversal, and the 125 fit wins via the neut if you keep traversal up (and  11 Aug 2015 Alternatively, the Atron can be fit with railguns for longer range damage application and as such will try to kite you at Scram/web range (10km~). If  Atron, PVP Frigate. Alpha suitable Be the first to leave a comment for this fit! To leave a comment at this fitting you must login!

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On top of this, each kind of gun comes with a  18 Feb 2021 EVE Echoes Best Starter Ships for Mining and PvP. The Sellers list General Rules For Ship Fitting. Show other Atron fits Display stats for. 3 years ago. im assuming the hipsters may actually be best for pvp if you can get Class: Tactical Destroyer, Jackdaw Class It seems like most T1 frigate fits are FW Class: Interceptor, Atron Class Who's to say that the Thorax& 5 дек 2016 Поделитесь с нами своим мнением по поводу роли Atron'а в флотских стычках и pvp 1 на 1 в комментариях.

Eve online är det bästa fartyget. Skickas i EVE Online

Se hela listan på newedenreport.com I am looking to get feedback and suggestions on whether this would be a good starter pvp fit for a thorax. (I can afford to lose these as I have been mostly a pve / miner for a while now). Highs 4 x Modal Neutron Partical Accelerator I w/ Federation Navy Plutonium Charge M (Meta 4 Neutron Blasters) Mids 10 MN Afterburner II Warp Scrambler II EDIT: realized i didnt adress the PvP Atron issue but i dont think these ships got what it takes Makes a wonderful cheapscout and shuttle to get hi-priced items thru 0.0 tho, just fit 1 mwd, 2 nanos and ure gettin >3000 m/s with average skills: Tasty Burger: Posted - 2006.09.17 01:40:00 - After finally getting in some small gang fights (10-15) I really came to enjoy the fast tackle role. I had fitted an Atron similar to the first fit some time ago but never got to use it. The feeling of going extremely fast and stopping a ship in their tracks is awesome while my fleet mates tear the crap out of it. 2021-04-09 · It can fit a passive shield tank like the Drake, but most Gallente players will focus on armor tanking skills, and its armor repair bonus make it an excellent armor tanker.

Tornado (Minmatar Republic Attack Battlecruiser) fitting, attributes and screenshots at EVE Online Ships Atron Infographic, Transformers, Videospel, Rymden, Tips With the deployment of latest patch Arms Race EvE's PvP scene has .
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Atron pvp fit

It may not have as powerful a capacitor as the Atron, but it does optimise cannons, which have no power draw on your ship. You can also buy it straight away, with five thousand of the 20,000 ISK you start the game with.

Show other Atron fits Display stats for. 3 years ago.
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Atron, Alpha Solo Pvp Alpha suitable Be the first to leave a comment for this fit!